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Vicious Barracuda Brushless motor
Only $59.95!


Piranha brushless combo Vicious Teknology Car Batteries


New 2nd generation Piranha 2 brushless motors are here!


New 5200 50c 3s hard case lipos!

New Vicious 3s 2200mah 50c lipo for the T-REX and other mid size helicopters and aircraft.

Vicious Barracuda 4 pole
brushless motors are here!

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Vicious Barracuda 4 Pole brushless motor

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The Vicious Barracuda 4 pole brushless motor is quite simply our most powerful motor yet. With over 2200 maximum watts of power, it also features a thicker wall, true 36 x 60mm can to allow for the oversized rotor and hardened, thicker end bells to better dissipate heat and keep the bearings cool under the demanding loads of today’s heavier vehicles. Wth kv ratings from 2500 to 4600kv and capable of handling up to 6s lipo power, the Vicious Barracuda is perfect for your short course, 4x4, monster truck or 1/8 scale buggy. Also available in a motor/esc combo!


P/N 4-3660B

Warranty: Vicious brushless motors are warrantied for 1 year from time of delivery against any manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship. Warranty is void in the instance of abuse due to sustained usage over voltage or over recommended operating temperature.


Barracuda motors follow the Vicious Teknology 30 day return policy and may be returned within 30 days for any reason provided they are sent back unused in their original condition and with original packaging.


Vicious 120WP Barracuda ESC


Ultra Series Lipo 4s


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