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Vicious Barracuda Brushless motor
Only $59.95!


Piranha brushless combo Vicious Teknology Car Batteries


New 2nd generation Piranha 2 brushless motors are here!


New 5200 50c 3s hard case lipos!

New Vicious 3s 2200mah 50c lipo for the T-REX and other mid size helicopters and aircraft.

Vicious Barracuda 4 pole
brushless motors are here!

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Vicious Teknology brushless motors

Vicious Teknology has all the brushless performance you’ve been looking for. Whether your a racer looking to shred the competition or just looking to get into your first brushless set up, you’ll find a Vicious motor to meet all your needs.

If your looking for a powerful solution to move your 2wd or 4x4 SCT in a hurry, then these Toro motors are perfect for you. Lots of power, voltage flexibility and easy fitment into most chassis. Available in 4000 and 4600kv.

Toro Short Course truck motors


Coming soon, the Vicious Hammerhead 4065, 4074, 4082 and 4092 motors are absolute beasts! With up to 4200 watts of power, 4 or 6 pole high temperature neodymium magnets and models capable of running up to 12s lipo. All we can say is look out!

Vicious Hammerhead 40mm 1/8th scale motors

The little brother of our popular Quattro 3660 Series, the 3650 has all the same features in a smaller can. It features 1400 watts of power, the same high temperature neodymium magnets and runs up to 4s lipos. Buy it alone or with our Barracuda ESC and let ‘er rip.

Vicious Quattro Series 4 pole 3650



Quattro Series 3650

Need a powerful 4 pole motor that won’t break the bank. Here it is. The Piranha4 has become our most popular 4 pole motor for a reason. They’re fast, reliable and at less than $40.00 you don’t have to empty your wallet to get one!

Vicious Piranha4 Series 4 pole 3650



Piranha4 brushless 4 pole

These newly updated Vicious Piranha 2 motors are smoother and more powerful then ever. And now come pre-wired! They’re a great upgrade to those Velineon motors you keep cooking and they’re even compatible with the XL3-s ESC’s! Available in a 17.5t spec series; 3300kv, 4400kv and 6200kv.

Vicious Piranha Series 2 pole 3650



Piranha brushless 2 pole


Barracuda 4 Pole Motor Piranha brushless 2 pole Piranha4 brushless 4 pole

The Vicious Barracuda brushless motors are quite simply the most powerful brushless solution in their class. They are perfect for your SCT, 4x4, monster truck or 1/8 buggy, with 2200w of max power, and up to  8s lipo. Its time for everyone else to move over and get out of your way.

Vicious Barracuda 4 pole Brushless Motor



Piranha4 brushless 4 pole Barracuda 4 Pole Motor