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Vicious Barracuda Brushless motor
Only $59.95!


Piranha brushless combo Vicious Teknology Car Batteries


New 2nd generation Piranha 2 brushless motors are here!


New 5200 50c 3s hard case lipos!

New Vicious 3s 2200mah 50c lipo for the T-REX and other mid size helicopters and aircraft.

Vicious Barracuda 4 pole
brushless motors are here!

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Lipo Chargers and Accessories

Vicious Teknology offers a wide variety of lipo chargers from companies like Imax, Vicious and more. Need a budget charger? We got it. Need a powerful more sophisticated solution? We’ve got that too.

The little brother to our popular B6AC+ 80w charger, we got a limited supply of these previous generation models in at a great price and are passing the savings along to you! Move quick on these, because once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

Vicious B6AC 80w balance charger


12v 20a Power Supply

A great affordable solution to keep your non AC powered charger working at peak performance. No bells and whistles here, just clean power and a great price.

Vicious 12v 20a Power supply

This newest addition to our lineup is a sweet charger at an excellent price. It will charge up to 6s lipo and it features 200w of power, charges up to 10a and discharges up to 5a to get you on the track quick!

Vicious V610 Pro 200w lipo charger



If you need a lot of power and the ability to charge multiple batteries at once, then this beast is for you. It has two completely separate charging systems with 200w each (400w total) to charge your high capacity lipos fast!

Iimax B6 Duo 400w Charger



B6 Duo 400w



12v 20a Power Supply Vicious B6AC


Vicious V610Pro B6 Duo 400w

For almost the price of a 50w charger, you can get this upgraded Vicious 80w lipo charger! It will run from DC power or its own built in A/C power supply. We sell them complete with all the hardware, popular cables and adapters for most batteries.

Vicious B6AC+ 80w



B6AC 80w

Lots of power to charge those high capacity batteries faster. The B610AC includes all the features of the B610 Pro and adds in a built in AC power supply!

B610AC 200w AC/DC Charger



Vicious B610AC B6 Duo 400w SOLD OUT! SOLD OUT!