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Vicious Barracuda Brushless motor
Only $59.95!


Piranha brushless combo Vicious Teknology Car Batteries


New 2nd generation Piranha 2 brushless motors are here!


New 5200 50c 3s hard case lipos!

New Vicious 3s 2200mah 50c lipo for the T-REX and other mid size helicopters and aircraft.

Vicious Barracuda 4 pole
brushless motors are here!

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Vicious Program cards, battery testers and accessories

Vicious Teknology program cards, switches and battery checkers!

This advanced program box is designed for the new TS120 and TS150 Toro competition ESC’s it is a full  function self-contained programmer that also includes a USB interface for PC programming, a battery checker and even a servo tester all  in one compact unit.  For an even more detailed look, cllick here!

Toro ProgBox programmer


This handy little cell checker will measure both pack voltage and individual cell voltage up to 7s. It also measures remaining capacity, will show lowest and highest cell voltage and voltage differential between cells. It will even balance (equalize) cells!

Vicious CM7 battery Checker


This advance membrane switch is much more reliable than the old mechanical ones that get gummed up with dirt and grime.  It plugs right in to to most ESC’s and even features a lipo cutoff to safely shut down your system to prevent damage to your batteries.

SkyRC upgraded ESC power switch


*USA Customers Everything on this page ships FREE!*
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Skylink PC interface adapter


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Don’t need the ProgBox? This Skylink module allows you to interface your TS120 or TS150 ESC with your PC for advanced programming options (free Skylink software required) directly. Simply plug your esc to one end, your PC to the other using the supplied cables and your good to go.

Vicious 2 line LCD program card  


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These are the new LCD 2 line program cards for the new Vicious Barracuda 80a and 120a waterproof ESC’s. If your like us and are always tuning your RC then you need one of these to get the most out of your rig. These are also compatible with some Hobbywing ESC’s.

Toro car ESC program card


Fine tune your rigs performance the right way. This program card works with Toro car esc’s, like the popular SC120, C120 and many others. Heck it even works with  some Turnigy and Trackstar models. This does NOT work with the new Toro TS120 or TS150.

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Hobbywing LED Program Card


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These popular Hobbywing LED program cards are perfect for programming the Vicious Piranha 60 ESC’s. If you like to regularly tweak your esc for maximum performance, then this should be in your pit box. These aew also compatible with some Hobbywing ESC’s.

This program card is made to work with our Piranha series of car esc’s. If you want to make changes to your setup quickly, this is the perfect addition to your pit box. Simply plug the receiver wire in to it and make quick changes to up to 10 different settings.

Vicious LED Program card


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