Eye Mask

Under Eye Pads, Collagen Eye Mask, Anti-aging, Anti-Wrinkle, Eye Patches for Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles, 60 Patches 

Product details


(1) Clean face before use and remove makeup, smooth on eye masks under your eyes, just below your lower lash line.

(2) Remove after 15-20 minutes. You can also leave them on for longer if preferred. No need to rinse off.

(3) Massage the excess essence into your eye contour.

(4) After you use these eye masks, you can apply your makeup as normal!

Why Vicious Teknology eye pads can effectively rebuild up your skin barrier?

Busy lives and hectic schedules often make it difficult to ensure that the skin always looking its best. From the first use you will see and feel the results of the Vicious Teknology Eye Mask.

The core component of the Vicious Teknology eye mask contains the large-sized SODIUM HYALURONATE and EGF (oligopeptide-1). SODIUM HYALURONATE is moisturizing enough to form an invisible replenish moisture barrier around your eyes. The strong penetration of small molecules can be penetrated deeply to minimize the appearance of shadows and darkness under eye, as well as wrinkles. EGF can quickly repair damaged skin, moisturize and enhance skin elasticity. The strength of this double layer repair not only keeps your under eye skin look young and moisturized, but also plays a role in repair.

Vicious Teknology eye pads have their source in naturally occurring marine collagen which when applied to the surface of the skin will restore superficial collagen, increase moisture retention, elasticity and density of tissues. The addition of oat peptides in our formulation improves pro-collagen synthesis, helping to plump the tissues and reduce fatigued looking eyes.